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Configure and streamline your new CRM the way your business works!

With over 10 years of experience in CRM and ERP delivery and migrations, we pride ourselves on providing tailored CRM and ERP consulting services.

Our KPMG experienced consultants have a holistic approach to enable maximum business management benefits to organizations globally. From small, medium to large-sized enterprises we have the professional consultancy assistance that is required for the business. We have the experience to understand businesses individually and utilize the CRM and ERP solutions by managing their business operations and customers efficiently.

Why choose Latitude

Single CRM for an enterprise – We automate your marketing, sales and service in a single CRM or ERP

Affordable – Make the most of the CRM features at affordable rates

Cloud-based service – For instant, secure access to your business at any hour of the day

CRM... Better Than Ever

Cost Effective - Pure Cloud

Avoid all the server & hardware costs, maintenance or system upgrade expenses


Get started with a single click. Enjoy near instant implementation.


Adapting to your ever-changing business needs. Get immediate access - let's chat.


System protection assured by industry experts, making data security worry free

Customer Relationship Management Personified

Our CRM consultants have the industry experience to provide you with viable solutions. Whether you need to manage the inventory, keep a track of the sales, or repair a technical issue, we are available to provide help. Our team is dedicated to solve all issues related to CRM, ERP, and BI software. We offer a range of services which include consulting, implementation, integration, training and support related to the CRM and ERP solutions. Our team can recommend which CRM will suit best according to your business and budget. We specialize in providing customized integration to different programs. Our consultants will handle the CRM allowing you to focus on your business.

Integration of various business processes

It is important to connect all the divisions of a business to one platform, and our integration team aligns them to make the CRM more effective and efficient. You do not have to wait to connect with different apps and devices to acquire information that is required. Time is of the essence and with the help of our integration services you can make the most of it.

Also see our development services for more detail on end-to-end integrations

Our Services


Import the data volume from current data sources like ACT, NAV, Goldmine, Salesforce, Excel, etc. into the new CRM immediately. No matter what system, we can help.


Each plan is customised according to the business requirements offering maximum benefits to the users


Our customized CRM can help you achieve business goals by enhancing the accounting applications like CMS, ERP, BI, DMS, etc.

Training and Onboarding

All the comprehensive training courses are delivered by experienced partner trainers they have serviced and trained several of NZ's most successful ERP and CRM rollouts

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