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We also have developed a range of cloud solutions that focus on specific and complex needs in the healthcare industry such as Medtech Evolution. We are one of the only fully certified and accredited Medtech Evolution partners.


Get to the future faster - Latitude helps amplify value through its suite of cloud solutions from global vendors and platforms.

Our analytics solutions are an outgrowth of our extensive cloud consulting experience combined with in-depth industry and business practice knowledge.


Our user-centered approach to design and our you-centered approach to consulting together mean that we can speak to the needs of all your stakeholders.


By building our extensive toolkit on top of a scalable global SaaS cloud platform, we can accelerate your time to value achieved.


Our cloud solutions can be deployed on a public, private, or on-premise platform, allowing fast and efficient integration within your IT environment.

Cloud solutions are one component of Latitude's end-to-end cloud services for digital health and medical practices

Medtech Certified Installers
Microsoft Health Specialist
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